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Jun 122014

Stay Away from Marvel HeroesYesterday, Gazillion Entertainment – makers of Diablo-clone Marvel Heroes – took harsh actions on a long-time player of the game which utterly shocked the player community.

Gazillion – headed by David Brevik – has been working on an ingame trading window for a year which was supposed to be 100% safe according to their claims. It has been implemented with the game’s new expansion called Marvel Heroes 2015. The trading feature has been working flawlessly until a player with the nickname Permaximum who’s surprisingly the owner of a fansite called “marvelheroes.net”, has lost a valuable ingame item soon after he got it via trading window. According to  Gazillion, the item was disappeared because of a bug related to the trading window. He submitted a support ticket which was responded by Gazillion a few days later. Gazillion simply pointed out that they couldn’t recover the lost item, they wouldn’t provide a replacement item and there was no mention of any kind of compensation for the lost item and the lost time of the player. It sounds like the usual Asian gaming news. Unfortunately, it’s even worse.

The player posted a thread about it in the game’s official forums which was expressing his disappointment kindly enough. The community surprised that Gazillion couldn’t even provide a replacement item or a compensation. They pointed out that Gazillion should have done it already. After getting strong agreements from the player community, you would thought that Gazillion would fix their mistake and settle the issue. However, that didn’t happen. Instead of it, the thread got deleted and the player who got only trouble after losing a valuable ingame item and a few days of time, received an official warning from a Gazillion member which was a shock for the unlucky player and the player community.Scammer Gazillion

We have seen scammer Asian game companies that didn’t provide support for things such as lost ingame items but this is the first time we see a gaming company deletes a thread about lost items and warns the player who lost it all already. In light of this recent news, if you haven’t started playing Marvel Heroes or an another game of Gazillion, it’s best to stay away from them. If you’re playing it already, be careful and know that no matter how many hours you put into the game, you may lose it someday and they won’t even let you talk about it…

UPDATE: Nobody from Gazillion has denied the news yet and it looks they’ve banned the unlucky player for spreading the issue to various game sites. We don’t know what to say about Gazillion’s unbelievable actions. This site was once built to promote Marvel Heroes and create a friendly community. Unfortunately, in light of the recent events, we have to shift our focus and warn people before they’re scammed by Gazillion.

Jun 142013

Marvel Heroes received a nice patch recently which activates the supergroup system  (AKA guilds). The patch contains bug fixes, balance changes, hero drop increase and some improvements to defense.  Patch notes are below.

Content Additions

Supergroups (AKA guilds) are now available in Marvel Heroes. This is the first iteration of supergroups, with more features coming in the future.

To create a supergroup, purchase a supergroup sanction from War Machine in Avengers Tower. A supergroup is a way to create a persistent social group with other players. Most supergroup commands are currently accessed via / commands with the ‘guild’ prefix – this will be updated in the future.

Supergroup sanctions (the ability to create a supergroup) cost 10,001 credits. This grants you an item that can be traded with other players if you wish. Right click the item to unlock supergroup commands. To create your supergroup, type /guildcreate [name]

Supergroup names may only contain the letters A-Z, one apostrophe, one hyphen, and have a limited number of spaces. Certain words are restricted from use in supergroup names.

Supergroups are limited to 100 members in total.

Upon creating a supergroup you will gain access to a supergroup chat channel for your supergroup. To access it, type /guild or /g in the chat channel.

Other supergroup related commands are as follows – type these into the chat channel, substituting [username] or [name]:

/guildcreate – Create your supergroup. You can only create one supergroup per account.

/guildinvite [username] – Invite a player to your supergroup. You can also right-click their name in the Social panel (press U) if they are a friend or nearby. (Please note: potential supergroup members must be online, in-game to be invited to your supergroup at this time.)

/guildpromote [username] – As a leader or office, promote a member of your supergroup to the rank of officer. Officers can invite other players to join the supergroup.

/guilddemote [username] – As a leader or officer, demote an officer of your supergroup to the rank of member, or remove a member from the supergroup.

/guildleader – This command is currently non-functional, but will eventually allow a supergroup leader to be changed.

/guildrename [supergroup name] – Rename your supergroup. All guild renames are logged for Customer Support purposes.

/guildleave – Leave your current supergroup.

Continue reading to check the rest of the patch notes.
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Jun 082013

Marvel Heroes has just received a small update. It hopefully fixes the party experience bug. Also, the patch makes a quick adjustment to auto-party option in order to address those players’ issues who don’t want to join an already cleared instance.

Patch notes are below.

Content Changes

  • Auto party: If you have the ‘Auto party’ option set to on (which it is by default), you were previously placed into a party if you entered a newly created instance within 45 seconds of other players that were also set to auto party. This time window has now been shortened to 20 seconds. Again, this only occurs if you have the option enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when more than two players damaged an enemy, were all eligible for experience, but received differing amounts. In most cases this bug favored players with extra experience, but sometimes it did not award enough. With this bug fix, all eligible players will now receive the full amount they would get if they had killed the enemy themselves, as originally intended.
  • Fixed a bug where players were getting an unlock token for a Starter Hero that they already had as a mission reward for beating Green Goblin or Doctor Doom. Players will now receive a mystery package which, when opened, will give an unlock token for a Starter Hero that they do not have. Players who have all the Starter Heroes unlocked will get a Fortune Card.
  • Note: If you previously received a hero unlock token that you cannot use, keep it. It will be repaired in the near future, granting you a mystery package.
Jun 062013

There will be a maintenance period tonight at 2:00AM PDT in order to patch Marvel Heroes. Downtime expected is approximately two hours.

It’s a minor update and it won’t address major issues such as sound bug, yellow/blue enemy health bug, bugged hero powers and inactive supergroup (guild) system. Patch notes are below.


  • Reduced the healing of endgame affix “Heals on Injured” .
  • If you are in a login queue you will now see a message telling you your queue position. Players can press the cancel button to cancel out of the queue

Bug Fixes

  • Cinematics Button is now correctly populated with all four “Chronicles Of Doom” motion comics as well as the game’s opening cinematic.
  • NPCs are now properly awarding Fortune Cards for every ten cube shards turned in.
  • Fixed the “Craft Visual Artifact to Costume” crafting recipe so that it will now properly use the correct artifacts as materials.
  • Fixed an issue in which Rested Experience was not being deducted properly.

You can find a long list for Known Major Issues in the game below. I can confirm that the list is only getting bigger each patch instead of  getting smaller.
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Jun 052013

Venturebeat posted an interesting article recently. It gives surprising details about the size of Marvel Heroes team and the estimated budget of Marvel Heroes.

Brevik’s team has been testing Marvel Heroes game since last fall, but their do-or-die moment comes today.

Gazillion had an internal team of 75 people working on the game for three and a half years. Another 75 internal people helped handle tasks such as operations, testing, customer support, and marketing. Another 150 worked externally, doing things such as outsourced animation tasks. Gazillion has raised more than $80 million for sure and probably more than $200 million, but it hasn’t disclosed exactly how much. In contrast to other MMO developers, Brevik says Gazillion didn’t pivot into the free-to-play design after it started building the game.

“We saw what was happening in Asia more than four years ago, and we decided to make it free-to-play from the very beginning,” Brevik said.

It seems, size of the development team and budget of the game is huge, considering Gazillion has no other working titles atm. Only Diablo III, as an ARPG, got that kind of budget and development team. However it wouldn’t be fair if we don’t mention Diablo 3 had been in active development for 7 years (12 years if we consider the fact that Blizzard used the concept, art and design from the previous Diablo 3 project) . On the other hand, Marvel Heroes has been in development for only 3.5 years.
Marvel Heroes Budget
At this moment, everyone pretty much knows that Gazillion rushed the game but we have enough information to be hopeful about the game’s future. With a dev team and budget on this scale, we can’t resist but think Marvel Heroes is only going to improve in the future.

You can read the rest of the article at Venturebeat.

Jun 042013

Finally, Marvel Heroes went live today at 10:00 AM PDT. The game is free-to-play which means anyone can download and play the game right now. Players can choose a hero from five starter heroes (Daredevil, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Storm and Thing) to begin playing the game. There are 21 heroes in the game at the moment and players can get the other heroes via random drops or the game store.

You can download the game client from one of the options below:

– Official Site
– STEAM (You need STEAM installed on your computer)

Once you’re finished with installing the game client, you have to register an account HERE at the official site. Then you’re ready to go.

May 172013

We’ve added new trailers and closed-beta streams to the site’s videos section. The last closed-beta stream gives us a glimpse of Cable, the endgame and ultimate powers that added with the recently released content patch. The patch is a really big one and it brings a lot of new things to the table such as guilds, auto-party option, improved UI, crafting, new stash etc.

Also, we now can download the game via Steam and start the game without that buggy launcher (Btiraider). However Steam client has a few reported issues. Ingame freezing every few mins is the most popular one.

Another bit of good news is, starting with today, Marvel Heroes closed-beta will go 24/7 online until the end of it except maintanence and patch downtimes.

As for Marvel Heroes endgame, it is fairly unique and sounds good on paper although we haven’t been able to test it yet. There are 3 different modes for PvE endgame. Here are the details about the endgame and ultimate powers taken from the last patch’s notes.

Ultimate Powers

Each playable hero now has one ultimate power. Ultimate powers are extremely powerful attacks that heroes unlock upon reaching level 30. After unlocking, you can increase a hero’s ultimate powers by finding a hero token for that hero from end game bosses.


Defeating Dr. Doom was only the beginning with new replayable End Game Missions! Players can receive rare loot be experiencing one or all of three exciting gameplay modes.

Getting Started

After you defeat Dr. Doom and report back to Nick Fury on the Helicarrier, you receive a mission to report to S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Kestrel in Avengers Tower. She directs you to the nearby endgame mission terminals. Click on a terminal to view a list of the endgame missions available to you.

Each social hub has endgame terminals which lead to endgame missions of increasing difficulty:

Avengers Tower has the least challenging endgame missions.
Xavier’s School has moderately challenging endgame missions.
The Helicarrier has the most difficult endgame missions.

Initially, only the terminals in Avengers Tower have endgame missions available to you. As you complete endgame missions, you unlock more options.

Continue reading for more details about how those endgame challanges work.
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Apr 292013

There’s no more an NDA now and we’re getting streams, videos, screenshots, reviews from closed-beta testers. Gameplay footages from all chapters (there are a prologue and 8 chapters in the game which more or less equals the size of Diablo 2 classic) with all the available heroes in closed-beta started to emerge in youtube. This week I’m going to update videos and heroes section with those footages.

However, as I guessed noone recorded a PvP footage, so I decided to go for it. But first there are a few things you have to know before watching the video.

1. PvP was just recently added into the beta. Developers haven’t balanced it a bit yet and it’s officially the first Alpha version of PvP.
2. There’s a known costume bug in the game. Players could add unlimited affixes into their costumes via crafting. It was cheap and most PvPers exploited that bug heavily. Although it’s fixed now, there hasn’t been any wipe recently and PvP is full with those players who use bugged costumes.
3. I didn’t use a bugged costume.
4. Unfortunately, I recorded the video on half-size instead of full-size so it only has 480p option. However, I promise to record a 1080p footage when the servers are up again.
5. Yes, even without a bugged costume, Jean Grey is OP on the right hands :) . Just like Spider-Man, Thing, Deadpool, Storm, Thor, Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Cyclops, Iron Man.

Apr 262013

We’ve been very quite since the beginning of this year. However as we get closer to the release of Marvel Heroes, we’re getting back to the updating the site and sharing the news regularly again. Especialy after NDA lift, Marvel Heroes fans should expect a huge influx of information.

On a related note, we’re looking for Editors, Moderators and Partners to help build the Marvel Heroes community as “we” only stand for “me” in fact and I can only do so much myself. You can contact us via comment section in this post along with our official mail address.

Also, we’ve updated the Marvel Heroes Videos page with lots of new trailers, closed-beta footages and the latest QA with David Brevik himself.

On the technical side of things,  we’ve changed our server, improved the site and forum code, made a few improvements here and there (actually had to make most of the previous modifications to the theme again and believe me, it took considerable time) and ensured that we won’t suffer  a site backup problem in the future.

For the last, here comes the results of the last poll and a new poll.

How Many Costumes Per Each Character are "Enough"?

  • 6 or more (65%, 642 Votes)
  • 4 (11%, 114 Votes)
  • 5 (11%, 107 Votes)
  • 3 (10%, 100 Votes)
  • 2 (3%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 992

Loading ... Loading ...

Every 2 people out of 3 think each character needs at least 6 costumes. I have a feeling if I put “10 or more” option into the poll, it would have come at top. This poll only proves Gazillion artists will have to spend most of their time designing costumes for characters to satisfy playerbase.

And the new poll. Does Marvel Heroes really need Europe Servers for players located in Europe/Middle Eaast and possibly Asia? Latency is a big problem in online games and action games, especially if they have PvP aspect and Marvel heroes combines all of them. As someone who lives in the southeastern corner of Europe, my latency in Marvel Heroes’ closed beta is not really tolerable and it seriously hurts my play experience. So that I voted “Yes”. But that doesn’t mean I’m right or wrong. That’s why we have a poll here.

For the record, most companies who develops online games hire servers located in both America, Europe and Asia to minimize latency effect on online-gaming experience but we know that Gazillion is undecided on this issue so far. I think potential seperation of US and EU communities make them debate on this one heavily before going with EU servers eventually in my opinion.

Mar 232013

June 4th, 2013.

Finally, we have it. That’s the official release date Gazillion announced at PAX East. Founders Pack owners will get an early access to the game which translates to the fact that gates are going to be open on May 28th for Ultimate Pack owners. Starter Pack owners are going to get access to the game on June 2nd, while Premium Pack owners should be able to get into the game on May 31st.

There will also be PvP (Player versus Player combat) at launch which’s a good news for PvP fans.

Gazillion guys also have given some information about token system which’s related to the game shop. After the release, players will be able to buy tokens from the shop and those tokens will grant heroes randomly. So that even if you want to spend money to get a specific hero, there’s a high chance you won’t get it (unless you decide to spend money till RNG smiles on you). The reasoning behind this rather odd decision is supposedly Gazillion tries to even the playing field between paying players and grinding players.

Gazillion also revealed their endgame plans for the game. Players will get Ultimate Powers from endgame battles which consists of team challanges and open challanges. It looks we have to group up for some challenges. It seems, to be successful at the very end battles, players will have to level up their heroes’ Ultimate Powers .

Stay tuned for more details…